Nice to meet you, I’m Einat Mizrahi

From my very beginnings, I have been observing.
I have learned to read individuals’ behavior and they way they treat one another.
I have learned to see human pain and beauty.
I have learned the precision of the heart and its beating.
I have learned joy and sorrow.

And more than anything, I have learned to be.

To be for myself and for others in the journey of life that we are intended to take. A journey of learning, discovery, and creativity.

For over 25 years, I have helped guide and develop people, and I wake up each morning with a feeling of gratitude for the mission I’ve been given, to guide individuals inward toward themselves. To connect them to their sources of strength, joy, and actualization.
To help them develop in all areas of life and to live in balance and goodness with themselves and those around them.

I believe deeply that there exists within ourselves all the knowledge required for recovery, development, and fulfillment. I help people to find their own path toward this inner knowledge. To listen authentically, to be precise, to see the simple, complete picture, to choose anew and to make decisions.

Professionally, I have a Master’s degree in social work, along with certification in advanced coaching, mediation, and group facilitation.

I’m a specialist in short-term psychotherapy, and for many years have worked in personal and couples counseling, guidance for management, and training in organizations within Israel and around the globe.

I provide training and counseling for professionals in the fields of therapy, consulting, and management – to improve their professional skills and develop personally in their mission in the world.

I create and develop professional tools to build awareness and personal and professional development, integrating into my work with individuals therapeutic, philosophical, spiritual, and creative approaches.

I’m very fortunate, to be working together with a team of amazingly qualified professionals from Israel and abroad in fields such as consulting, training, and guidance.

I look forward to meeting you.

Come in. The door is open to the next and most wonderful stage of your life.


ייעוץ וטיפול להתפתחות אישית ומקצועית

Enjoy working with us