Personal support for employees and spouses before and during relocation

Personal or couples counseling sessions dealing with personal/emotional coping and functioning during a period of relocation. Strengthening the individual and the family, making decisions, and rebalancing.

Adapting to the transition to a new country presents numerous major challenges to functioning, whether personally, professionally, and within the family. Often, the transition can be a very upsetting experience, bringing with it harsh emotions of disappointment, frustration, helplessness, isolation, and lack of belonging. It can also damage an individual’s self-confidence and self-perception, and can also surface disagreements and gaps between couples which can affect the quality of life and how well they can function.

These counseling sessions provide understanding of the new reality and its consequences and provide strengthening in processes of decision-making and solution-finding to improve emotional and practical functioning in daily life.

All sessions take place online.

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